The incubator

AG Embry-ON emerged as a result of our business group’s willingness to deliver innovative value-added projects that are capable of revolutionising the current conception of a business model.

The balance between undeveloped talent and investment that seeks constant diversification have prompted our team to commit to an unprecedented project in the Principality of Andorra, which proudly seeks to be the epicentre of the emergence of national and international benchmark initiatives thanks to our economic team’s know-how, the experience and specialisation of our multidisciplinary professionals and the institutional support enjoyed by our management.

How does it work?

An incubator has a markedly complex internal operation but it is based on a very simple idea: The merger of talent and investment. Many national and international initiatives fail to bear fruit due to a lack of financial muscle or because they are not properly guided by a realistic and scalable viability plan. In addition, it is no secret that more and more investors are looking for considerable diversification in order to make the most of their wealth, especially due to the low returns offered by financial assets, among other investment products.


How does AG Embry-ON work? We jump right into the middle of this reality.
Our work involves providing those projects with potential with as many elements as may be necessary to be successful and attract investment. We have a professional team that studies, rectifies, constructs and develops the initial embryonic idea that we receive in order to draw up business plans, financial summaries and investment dossiers that are perfectly aligned with the profile of potential investors who may have a promising future in the market.

How do we work?

Our team’s work uses as a basis the initial study of the idea that we were given, and passes through a long development and guidance process that does not end when the project is handed over to the potential investors, but rather continues indefinitely, as we become companions in all the initiatives on which we work.


Our professionals scrupulously analyse the current and potential market situation of the embryonic idea in order to carry out an initial national and international feasibility test. We assess in detail the initial investment needs, as well as its sustainability until the stagnation of the project, duly analysing the fixed structures and variable costs and income.


Our incubator’s team of economists prepares all the profitability ratios and studies of the project once its complex economic features have been extensively examined, assessing the implications of the difference between the added value of the project, its net profit and the recurrent and accumulated cash flow over a given number of years.


Not only do we address all the economic aspects, but we also seek synergies with the public and private sectors to optimise project resources and costs, being able to offer in return a value report on the initiative to enhance its cross-cutting and plural nature. We also work with graphic designers, engineers, architects and other high-profile professionals from the incubation, acceleration and venture capital sectors who ensure the business plans we draw up are of the highest technical level.

Qualified investment

The size and multidisciplinary nature of the Augé Group have led our firm to consolidate relationships with professionals and businessmen from the most diverse sectors of the economy. In this sense, the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to commit to new ideas and the many other motivations of our collaborators, clients and contacts in general, have led us to develop a solid base of potential investors who are constantly seeking the most exciting and viable projects in which to invest.


In addition, our country initiative and the attraction of qualified foreign investment has led us to contact foreign venture capital firms that wish to establish their base in the Principality of Andorra and have enormous financial muscle to invest in national and international projects at the service their funds’ clients.

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