Relocation Services

Augé Legal&Fiscal provides a series of services relating to the entire expatriation process that cover any real estaterequirement, of a personal or business nature.
Similarly, Augé Real Estate assists its clients in all real estate issues that may arise in the future. Among the services offered, notable are the following:

Redomiciliation & Relocation services include, among others:

  • The search for a temporary or permanent home by Augé Real Estate.
  • The management of leases, insurance policies, or other documents.
  • Management of the activation of utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone / TV / Internet, etc.
  • Contracting home maintenance services.
  • Accreditation of foreign driving licences.
  • The importation of vehicles, including their accreditation and registration.
  • Search for and contracting of insurance for vehicles, health, life, school, etc.
  • The opening of bank accounts.
  • Assistance with children’s school registration: information, preparation of documents, accompaniment, translations.
  • Assistance with registration at universities or other specific studies inside and outside Andorra.


Among the services offered, the following stand out:

  • The buying and selling of properties.Augé Real Estate has its own real estate portfolio and collaborates with the best professionals in the country in the real estate sector.
  • Property management and legal, fiscal, financial and accounting advice.
  • Property rental and lease agreement management.

In addition, we manage all types of operations related to vehicles, vessels and aircraft in the following areas:

  • Processing of tourist registration for cars.
  • Requesting country flags for boats and aircraft.
  • Flagging of ships and aircraft.

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