Residence status with a work permit

A worker holding active residence status with a work permit is more likely to actively contribute to the country’s employment and health care market.
Accordingly, such residence status, also known as “for hire or reward”, requires indefinite or temporary residence, by virtue of which the holders undertake to pay social security contributions and to maintain permanent residence in Andorran territory.


Exceptionally, there is also a non-resident work permit option, either for a border worker or for a worker hired in Andorra but posted abroad.

As regards active residences for hire or reward, the following essential elements should be taken into account in order to understand the nature and scope of the authorisations

  • “For hire or reward” means working through an Andorran contracting company.
  • Access to this permit depends on the internal quotas requested by the contracting company from the competent authority.
  • Training and/or knowledge in the field in which the person is hired must be demonstrated.
  • An effective and continuous residence must take place in order to be granted renewal

Rights and advantages of residence with work permit

  • Access to Andorra’s public healthcare system.
  • Maximum personal tax rate of 10%, with advantageous exemptions and reductions that lower the effective tax rate.
  • Possibility for subsequent family reunification.

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