Self-employed residence

Augé Legal&Fiscal was a pioneer and is a benchmark in the Principality with regard to the consolidation and effective implementation of self-employed residence status. This form of residence, which includes a work permit, is granted when holding more than 20% of the shares in an Andorran company, as well as occupying a management position in that company.
Other requirements of this status include a minimum of a 183-day stay in the country in order to be able to renew the residence, as well as effective contributions to the Andorran Social Security and the posting of a recoverable deposit of €15,000 with the Andorran Financial Authority.

Self-employed residence status is aimed at professionals who hold part of the share capital of an Andorran company and who additionally hold a decision-making position on the company’s management body or liberal professionals who wish to carry out an activity in the Principality.

Requirements for obtaining such residence status

  • A holding of more than 20% in the share capital of an Andorran company.
  • Contribution to the Andorran Social Security Fund.
  • Effective exercise of the position of manager on the management body.
  • 183-day stay in Andorra in order to be granted renewal.
  • Deposit of €15,000 with the AFA.
  • In the special case of qualified professions, membership of a professional association or body.

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